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Reach Your Maximum Profit Potential: Learn How to Package and Market Your Business For Sale Properly

Selling a business can be a challenging process, requiring more thought and effort than it may seem at first. It involves considerations beyond just finding a willing buyer. Working with an experienced business broker can make the journey easier, taking the burden of the complex tasks away from the business owner and allowing them to focus on operating the business.

At Transworld Business Advisors North Texas/North DFW, our professionals have the expertise to help you sell your business with confidence. Before the process begins, there are some documents you should have prepared. These are necessary to showcase the history and the potential of your company. These include tax returns, lease agreements, YTD financials, vendor and supplier information, Accounts receivable aging and current inventory.

To successfully market a business for sale, our advisors must first use research and buyer lists to identify the right buyers. Knowing who to target - individual or expansion buyers - and how to reach them with strategic advertising and outreach is essential. Sharing only the information needed for each stage of the process is important, beginning with a confidential advertisement and pursuing targeted advertising efforts and outreach to buyer databases. Once an interested buyer signs an NDA, a limited packet can be shared to offer further insight into the benefits for the potential buyer.

When a potential buyer expresses interest and signs an NDA, the next step is to share a summary package of financials to keep the buyer intrigued. After an offer letter of intent is accepted by both parties, the seller is required to submit the paperwork for the due diligence phase. This includes releasing details such as property information, bank statements, payroll reports, employee lists, job descriptions, and a full inventory. The bank will also order the necessary tax transcripts from the IRS. Upon completion of the paperwork and signed off by all parties, the sale of the business can be celebrated and the seller can begin to look ahead at the next stage, be it taking on a new challenge, retiring, or something else.

At Transworld Business Advisors North Texas/North DFW, we have decades of expertise in selling businesses. Let us be the guide in all stages of the selling process. We can assist in valuating your business, obtaining relevant documents and assets, as well as find a buyer and complete the sale. All in all you want to get a proper return for the time and effort anything honest job requires. Our advisors' help, combined with being prepared, will guarantee you acquire the best possible return from the sale of your business.

Contact us to get started; we offer a FREE consultation!

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